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Taiwan Tainan District Court



Address: No. 308, Sec. 3, Chien Kang Road, Anping District, Tainan City, Taiwan
TEL: 06—2956566
The Tainan District Court was established in October 1895 during the Japanese occupation period. A court in Tainan was designated under the Governor's Office Court Organization in Taiwan. The court's governing area once covered from Chiayi and Yunlin in the north to Fengshan and Penghu in the south. The court's title was changed to Taiwan Tainan District Court after Taiwan's Restoration in 1945. The organization was also changed based on The Court Organization Act and The Rules Governing the Functions and Assignments of District Court, and its administrative supervision is directly under Taiwan High Court. Later, Kaohsiung, Chiayi, and Yunlin set up their own courts in 1945, 1947, and 1964 respectively. Thus the governing area of this court was reduced to Tainan County and Tainan City only. There are six areas in Tainan City. (i.e. East, Central-West, South, North, Anping and Annan) There are two special municipalities, seven towns, twenty-two townships, and the governing area totals 2176 square kilometers with a population of about one million and seven hundred and ten thousand (1,710,000).
The old office of the court at Fu Chien Road was built in 1912 and was planned for demolition and rebuilding because it was old and small. However, it was rated a Class Two Monument by the Ministry of Interior and thus cannot be demolished according to the law. Thus a new site was found on Chien Kang Road. The building project began in 1995 and increased over the years. In order to use resources most efficiently, the Summary Court and General Court of Tainan are also located in the same building. The new building of this courtcovers an area of 39,060m2 (11,816 pings) and the floor area is 59,652.83m2(18,045 pings). It is a new type steel structure office building with two basement levels and eleven floors above ground. The new building is magnificent and stately and it has become a premier and representative court building here in Taiwan. In order to make both facilities complement each other, the detailed planning is focused on construction of a modern court building, while the concept is based on "humanity, information, art and service" for a brand new court image. It is hoped to realize a new image of a court using a broadened vision so as to achieve the goal of service to local citizens. Implementing the idea of "convenience, courtesy, and consideration for the people" allows the court service quality to be upgraded and strives for the goal of "justice for the people."
Service Policy:
This court insists on the idea of service for the people to offer faster and higher quality service to citizens and other court service users. Also, in order to implement the concept of "convenience, courtesy, and consideration for the people", we propose the following policy as the framework and direction of our service for the people:
A Court focused on Humanity
We insist on human dignity from original rights in the Constitution and we start from the viewpoint of the people to offer a comfortable surrounding during the business hours or court sessions. We seek to assure high quality service and let people feel their dignity has been fully respected. This in turn builds up the public's confidence in the court system.
A Court that provides Information
The 21st century is the century of the internet. Through the connection of the internet it is possible to make resources public, shared, and convenient. People can get all kinds of information on the court and then get to know the court better. Additionally, we have a goal of automation of operations and we work to create a paperless office in order to reduce the manpower demand and upgrade the administrative efficiency.
A Court of Art
Court is a sacred temple to seek justice and a place to solve the disputes and conflicts of different parties. The public area planning of the court's internal building is an art exhibition space for people who come to our court during business hours or court session to appreciate art. Furthermore, art exerts a favorable influence both physically and mentally. Using art as a metaphor for turn hostility into harmony, the court hopes to mediate disputes so as to achieve the goal of no criminal sentences.
A Service-Oriented Court
With the idea that the court is made for the people, we respect everyone who comes to the court. We offer people convenience and courtesy. When helping people, we try our best to complete each service well, and hope all citizens recognize and feel positive about our determination to upgrade our service quality and efforts.
Joint Service Center
In order to provide convenient and courteous service, there is a joint service center located at the west entrance of the new building. The service center includes: litigation counseling, guarantee/ collateral payments, registration, cashiering, recognizance, receipt of petitions, payments and other convenient services for people. This allows them to handle all court related business without running around.
There are twenty-one service counters at the Joint Service Center: No. (1)(2) counters handle the sales of jurisdictional paper, photocopy and facsimile service. No. (3)(4)(5)(6) counters handle the litigation assistance: 1. Answers to questions 2. Litigation guidance 3. Assistance in legal procedure writing 4. Those seeking assistance in bidding at a foreclosure house auctions should go to the Recognizance counter of the Bailiff Room for bail bond and termination of custody. N0.(9)counter handles the registration of juristic persons No. (3) counter handles the registration of spousal (husband's or wife's) properties. No.(16)(17) counters handle cashier business: 1. Receive the civil enforcement cases payments, criminal bail refunds, and court cost refunds. 2. Receive collateral payments, and other collateral related transactions. No. (15) counter handles the travel expenses for witnesses. No. (10) counter handles the receipt of jurisdictional paper: Receive petitions, appeals, writ petitions and reply papers without payment. No. (11) counter handles the receipt of jurisdictional paper: receipt of all kinds of paper. No. (12)(13)(14) counters handle the collection of fees. No. (18)(19)(20) counters handles collateral/ guarantee payments.
Convenient Features
Court Telephone number 06-2956126 (Please ask for English assistance.) I One-stop window service to handle jurisdictional papers, facsimiles, document photocopies, receiving files and bills of indictment, cashier, payment, bail bonds, commitment to the custody of another, collateral, registration of juristic persons, litigation assistance, inquiries, and legal document service upon request.
Prisoner detention conditions are shown in the front corridor of the Joint Service Center so that family members of prisoners can understand the process of detention and ease their anxiety.
There are reading glasses, writing stationery, stamp pad, courtesy umbrellas, cups, drinking water available in the resting lounge, pre-trial chamber, service counter, and notary public office for people to use. Additionally, there are wheelchairs available for the disabled.
The court makes an effort to set the schedule of court sessions based on the traffic conditions and the complexity of the cases, providing maximum convenience for concerned parties and the litigation related parties.
A special lounge and parking space for witnesses and expert witness is available. Also, daily travel expenses are provided to the witnesses and expert witnesses after the court session without additional personal appearances or applications. 0 The bail bond and termination of custody of the defendant are handled at the Joint Service Center immediately upon request for people's convenience and speedy service. We also prepare a procedure sheet for bail bond and termination of custody for future evaluation.
Handle the collateral affairs with immediate service upon request for convenience of customers.
For compulsory execution auction announcements, in addition to the legally required posting of auction announcements published in newspapers, they can also accessed through internet on the touch screen computer of the Joint Service Center.
Handicapped accessible facilities include a toilet for the disabled use only, guide tiles for vision impaired, handrails, and other facilities for the convenience of the disabled and elderly people. Signage shows clearly the direction for entering and exiting the court for business. There is also a service bell installed at the east entrance for the disabled to use.
Staff remains available during lunch to offer service for office workers during their lunch hour to handle business or seek assistance including receipt of court documents and collection of fees.
There is a service counter set up at the east entrance of our court for service during holidays and at nights. Information regarding foreclosure auctions, court sessions and trial periods, and the listing the staff on duty can also be checked through internet on touch screen computer of the Joint Service Center.
Cautions for concerned parties
Any person notified to come to court must bring the notice and ID certificate to report to the court clerk at the designated place.
The written petition of the party concerned must indicate the case number and the section in charge and leave the contact phone number for future contact.
The party concerned should only follow the courts instructions and statements of the court. Do not be fooled by others who do not represent the court ormake any payments outside of the court.
In order to prevent fraud, if the party concerned has comments regarding the petition or statement of the litigation case, in addition to making a statement in the court, a written application is also acceptable. If there is anything not clear, please ask the clerk at the litigation assistance division (service center) of our court. Please do not listen to other people in the lobby or outside the court to avoid being deceived by con-men. If there is anything suspicious or anyone in the lobby claiming court authority illegally, please report to the Civil Service Ethics Office at the phone number: 06-2956069.
Service address and phone number:
Address of the court: No. 308, Sec. 3, Chien Kang Road, Anping District, Tainan City, Taiwan Phone number: (06) 2956566
Number of visitor: 10 to 60 Visitors.
To make a reservation: The visitor may decide the visiting date. Please make appointment registration (see the phone and fax number below) by mail, phone or fax, two weeks before Visiting date.
Visiting times: 9:00 to 12:00 AM, 14:00 to 17:00 PM Monday through Friday.
Inquiry phone number: 06-2956566 extension 21029 for Clerk Su.
Fax: 06—2956199
Address: No. 308, Sec. 3, Chien Kang Road, Anping District, Tainan City.
Visiting route: Visitors will meet at the first floor lobby and a clerk will show a multimedia introduction. Then visitors will see various court facilities, the digital court minutes and Service Center, and if in session, may visit as a bystander to the court, or even attend a symposium.
Visitor information:
A. Visiting by reservation
We welcome different organizations, schools, groups, and community groups to visit our court.
Addresses and phone umbers of the Summary Court:
Tainan Summary Court
No. 308, Sec. 3, Chien Kang Road, Anping District, Tainan City Phone number: (06) 2956566
Liuying Summary Court
No. 601, Chu Shih Road, Liuying District, Tainan City Phone number: (06) 6225180
Hsinshih Summary Court
No. 12, Fu Chiang Road, Hsinshih township, Tainan City Phone number: (06) 5998959
B. Visiting by on-site registration:
For the convenience of the people coming to our court for business, please register at No. (8) counter of our Joint Service Center for visiting before 9:00 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tour will begin when more than ten visitors are registered.
This kind of visiting is for general public. (For student visitors, please make appointment based on regulation of Item A.)
The visiting route is same as the above.
Administrative support:
In order to assist different schools to promote legal education, our court is more than happy to offer assistance on anything about legal education, legal activities or legal lectures. Please call to arrange with the related clerks to offer assistance for legal education.
Counseling phone number: 06-2956566 extension 21029 for Clerk Su
Reservation Application Form for visiting our court:
Please go to our website on convenience for the people section at → Visitincr the court to download
The governing area of different summary courts under our court:
Summary Court
East District, Cent-West District, South District, North District, Annan District, Anping District, Kueijen District, Kuanmiao District, Lungchih District
Summary Court
Chiali District, Shikang District, Chiku District, Madou District, Hsiaying District, Liucha District, Kuantien District, Hsiehcha District, Peimen District, Chiangchun District, Baiho District, Tungshan District, Houpi District, Yenshui District, Liuying District, Hsinying District
Summary Court
Yungkang District, Hsinshih District, Hsinhua District, Sanshan District, Tsochen District, Yujin District, Nanhsi District, Nanhua District, Shanhua District, Tanei District Anding District
往億載金城 To Eternal Golden Castle
國平路 Kuo Ping Road
府平公園 Fu Ping Park
本院 This Court
地檢署 Tainan District Prosecutors Office
健康二街 Chien Kang 2nd Street
健康路三段 Sec. 3, Chien Kang Road
健康路 Chien Kang Road
台南市政府 Tainan City Government
永華路二段 Sec. 2, Yung Hua Road
中華西路 Chung Hua West Road
西門路 Hsi Men Road
中正路 Chung Cheng Road
中山路 Chung Shan Road
火車站 Railway Station
民生綠園 Min Sheng Green Garden
台南高分院 Taiwan High Court Tainan Branch Court
北門路 Pei Men Road
府前路 Fu Chien Road
新光三越 Shinkong Mitsukoshi
台南機場 Tainan Airport
大同路 Ta Tung Road
往高雄 To Kaohsiung
東門路 Tung Men Road
仁德交流道 Jenteh Intersection
中山高速公路 Chung Shan Freeway
關廟交流道 Kuanmiao intersection
台 86 快速道路 Tai 86 Expressway
關廟交流道 Kuanrniao intersection
國道 3 號 National Highway No. 3
Traffic route of Tainan District Court
Tainan Airport, go straight to inside city along Ta Tung Road, turn left and go straight along Chien Kang Road, Tainan District Court is at the intersection of Section 3 of Chien Kang Road and Chien Kang 2nd Street.
Chung Shan Freeway get off at Jenteh intersection and go straight to V Tainan City along Tung Men Road, and connect Fu Chien Road, turn left to Hsi Men Road, and turn right to Chien Kang Road, Tainan District Court is at the intersection of Section 3 of Chien Kang Road and Chien Kang 2nd Street.
Tainan Railway Station, go straight along Chung Shan Road, connect Chung Cheng Road, turn left to Hsi Men Road, turn right to Chien Kang Road, Tainan District Court is at the intersection of Section 3 of Chien Kang Road and Chien Kang 2nd Street.
City bus route 14 (Railway Station → Eternal Golden Castle) to get off at the stop of Tainan District Court.
新營區 Hsinying‘District
本庭 This Court
延平路 Yen Ping Road
省道(1) Provincial Highway (1)
急水溪 Chi-Shui Stream
急水溪橋 Bridge of Chi-Shui Stream
本庭 This Court
柳營區 Liuying District
加油站 Gas Station
Traffic route of Liuying Summary Court
To Hsinying Railway Station by train, then go to N0. 601, Sec. 5, Yi Shih Rd., Jen
Ho Li, Liuying District
中山高速公路 Chungshan High-speed Highway
永康系統交流道 Yung Kang Intersection
往南科、善化 To Southern Taiwan Science Park, Shanhua
本庭 This Court
往南科 To Southern Taiwan Science Park
往新市 To Hsinshih
新市交流道 Hsinshih Intersection
國道 8 號 National Highway No. 8
國道 3 號 National Highway No. 3
省道(1) Provincial Highway (1)
新營 Hsinying
台南 Tainan
Traffic route of Hsinshih Summary Court
Take H61 shuttle bus of High Speed Rail at Tainan Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail to Hsinshih Railway Station, then go along Jen Ai Street, turn left to Chung Cheng Road before the level crossing, and then left at Fu Chiang Road, walking distance is about 600m.
Policy of our Court
Humanity Court
Informational Court
Art Court
Service Court
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