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Taiwan Tainan District Court


History of the Court


The Court has a long history, since October of Meiji 28th Year during Japanese occupation (i.e., Guangxu 21st Year of Qing Dynasty or 1895A.D.).With the establishment of the “Court Structure of Taiwan Governor-General,” a court was set up in the Office of Governor-General.A branch court was founded in Tainan at the same time, with jurisdiction covering as north as Chiayi, Yunlin and as south as Fengshan, Penghu.The Court was renamed the “Taiwan Tainan District Court” after Taiwan’s recovery from Japanese occupation in 1945, and was under direct administrative supervision of Taiwan High Court according to the Law of Court Organization and the Restructured Procedural Regulations of District Courts.Then, as the Kaohsiung court, Chiayi court and Yunlin court were established in 1945, 1947 and 1964 respectively, the Court’s jurisdiction shrank to the boundary of TainanCounty and TainanCity.There are six administrative districts in Tainan City, namely East District, West Central District, South District, North District, Anping District and Annan District, while Tainan County covers two county-level Cities, 29 Townships with a total land area of 21,756,531sq. km. and a total population of 1.71 million.

he old Court building at Fucian Road was built in 1912A.D. during the Japanese occupation era.A plan to knock down the building was originally drawn up due to its long history and limited space, but the building was kept as a Level 2 Historic Monument.Consequently, relocation of the Court was proposed, and as the current location at Jiankang Road was sought, construction plan went actively underway, and budget for the purpose had been allocated annually since 1995.For the sake of effective utilization of resources, the Tainan Summary Court and General Court were incorporated in the same building.The new court, a 2-basement and 11-storey modern steel-structure office building, occupies a total land area of 39,060sq.m. (11,816 ping) and a total floor area of 59,651.83sq.m. (18,045 ping).The magnificent and grand edifice soon becomes one of the most representative court buildings in Taiwan.Design of the new building aims towards the next-generation court, where hardware and software reinforce each other, and the objective is to introduce the brand-new concept of a “humanistic, informatized, artistic, service-oriented” court.The Court is expected to manifest the new meaning of the next-generation court services with its eminent vision, socializing and civilianizing the court in order to provide humanistic services that are “user-friendly, respectful and people-oriented.”In addition, the ISO 9001:2000 international quality management system has been introduced to upgrade service quality of the court, making “law for the people” a realized concept.

  • Release Date:2021-04-28
  • Update:2021-04-28