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User-friendly Measures

Setting up a dedicated service hotline: (06) 2956136
Unified counter services for selling judicial pleading forms and documents, facsimile, photocopying, documents collection, cashier service, fees collection, bailment, custody, lodgment, registration of legal entities, litigation counseling, enquiry, assistance for drafting legal documents and petitions, etc.Immediate services are provided on site.
A notice board showing status of detained prisoners is displayed in the corridor before the UnitedServiceCenter, so that families of the delivered prisoners may understand the delivery and detention situation and are free from worries.
Presbyopic glasses, writing tools, ink pads, umbrellas, disposable cups, drinking fountains are available in the litigants lounge, trial waiting room, information counter, notary public office for citizens・ use.And wheelchairs are available for the disabled.
Begin court session on time as much as possible.Court schedules are set properly considering transportation need of litigants and complexity of the cases, in order to facilitate litigants and the parties concerned in litigation.
Set up witness and expert witness lounge and parking lots for their exclusive use.Spontaneous grant of witness and expert witness traveling expenses: granted spontaneously at the court after interrogation without the need for witness・ or expert witness・ claim.
Bail bond and termination of custody services at the UnitedServiceCenter on 1st floor: quick and efficient service is provided as requested.Moreover, an information sheet on bailment procedures has been prepared for reference.
Lodgment service is provided as requested, fulfilling the user-friendly measures.
Auction notices of compulsory execution, apart from being posted as announcement and on newspapers, may be inquired via the touch-screen computer at the UnitedServiceCenter.
Create a truly barrier-free environment.Lavatories for the disabled, guide bricks, handrails, etc. are set up as stipulated, in order to ensure access of people with disabilities and senior citizens with mobility problem to the Court.In addition, a service bell is fixed at the East Entrance for the use of the disabled.
For the service of office workers, there is no lunch break at the litigation counseling, documents collection and fees collection counters, with staff arranged to stay on duty during lunch hour.Hence, the objective of providing comprehensive services for the people is achieved.
A service counter is set up at the East Entrance of the Court for weekend and night-time service.Besides, a touch-screen computer enquiry system is instituted for the public to search for information about auctioned houses by the Court, court schedules and court days, court・s judgments. Staff on duty also provide documents collection service.