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Notes for Litigants

Notice recipients should report to the Court Attendant at specified place, bringing along the notice and their ID card.
Litigants should indicate case number and the division in charge on the judicial pleading forms, and leave their phone number for ease of contact.
Litigants should confide in the just ruling of the Court, and refuse to believe in the blandishments of hustlers.
In order to prevent swindle, litigants should make their application or present their opinions about a litigation case at the Court only, or submit written applications.They may also consult the litigation counseling (information desk) staff of the Court for any questions.Hearsay should not be taken as true, and no one should be entrusted for intercession, to avoid being cheated.In suspicious case or when coming across someone who claims to be able to intercede with the authority, please report to the Civil Service Office of the Court immediately.Reporting number: (06)2956069