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Quality Policy

The Court holds to an enterprise-type operational philosophy, providing the public and businesses with faster, more satisfactory and higher-quality services.On the basis of providing humanistic services that are “user-friendly, respectful and people-oriented,” we put forward the following quality policy as framework of the Court’s quality management system:
A humanistic court: Sticking to the concept of original rights in the Constitution which emphasizes human dignity and standing in the shoes of the citizens, the Court aims at giving the public a comfortable environment and an equal footing when dealing with the court and going on court proceedings, and providing high-quality administrative services.Citizens will feel fully respected as a person, so that their confidence will be built and the image of the judiciary system will be improved.
An informatized court: The 21st century is a network age.Information is publicized and shared through network.The public may access the Court’s information via the Internet, and hence get to know the Court and understand the Court.The network also enhances administrative efficiency by automating the office, getting rid of papers and reducing human resource needs.
An artistic court: Court is the sacred palace of justice, and a place to resolve disputes and conflicts.An art gallery is designed in the Court’s public area, so that citizens coming to the Court for businesses and proceedings may appreciate and acquaint themselves with the artistic works, and hence tension of quarrel and rivalry can be moderated.Combination of law and art may pacify one’s body and mind, converting ruthlessness to placidity, and the objective of settling disputes and nullifying sentences may be achieved.
A service-oriented court: Based on the “law for the people” concept, the court is established for the people, and every citizen who comes to the court should be respected.The Court strives to give diligent assistance to the public with the honest and sincere hope to respect the citizens and facilitate the citizens.Each item of services is finished with the best endeavor, so that the public’s recognition and affirmation of our effort to upgrade service quality will be obtained.
We also commit ourselves to:
a quality management system that fulfills both the public’s requirement and the regulations of the law.
drafting the quality objectives with reference to the public’s satisfaction and conformity to the service requirements, and their effective implementation.
taking into account various resources required for the operation of the quality management system, and make timely and proper supply, provided its compliance with the law.
carrying out management reviews, and continue improving the quality management system in order to ensure its effectiveness.
The Court will maintain a staff educational program in accordance with the above declaration, so that the quality policy will be understood and put into effect.
Implementation Model of ISO Standard

                          A Rectification

C Assessment        P Planning

                          D Implementation

The Court’s President leads the entire staff in attending a class. They are determined to get the certificate.
Department chiefs and section chiefs are also participating.
The entire staff of the Court are supportive of the ISO counseling course, working hard to upgrade the service quality.